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Time Tracking with timefacts

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Track it. Measure it. Improve it.

Which tasks are costing unneccessary time? How can I get more done?
timefacts has the answers.
From simple to-dos, to project execution, right down to internal meetings and calls:
track your working time with one click and increase your productivity.

Get transparent

Do you know how much time you spend on which tasks? An estimation is good – hard facts are better. Consistent tracking with timefacts allows you to optimise your time effectively.

Identify timewasters

Endless meetings, long calls, tasks that should have only taken 20 minutes… Identify which tasks are costing you too much time in relation to their value.

Use your time more efficiently

Plan your tasks and keep track of priorities. Ensure you allocate enough time for important jobs and reduce the time spent on less important tasks.

Built for diverse requirements

timefacts is tailor made and extended to fit the specific needs of your business and your industry – with maximum data security and without time-consuming implementation..



timefacts works for you in the background – allowing you to concentrate on what’s important.

Thanks to the Work Performance Index, timefacts will inform you in advance if a recorded deadline is likely to be missed or your budget exceeded. The intelligent timefacts algorithms learn from your previous activities and processes, identify potential stumbling blocks and suggests opportunities for improvement – in real-time.

Uncover dead-time, take action on timewasters und avoid bottlenecks. timefacts delivers intelligent insights for your best work.